Americana: Bodie State Park, Pt. II

Since the beginning, landscape photography appealed to me.

I enjoy traveling, seeing new things, and the solitude of the mountains and the wild places of the world. With my camera, I try to capture those places and visions–and the way they make me feel–and share that with others.

Americana photography fascinates me. Often in an overgrown field of long grass or surrounded by snow, the abandoned farm buildings and cars of yesteryear are beautiful and severe.

In a way that natural erosion and change isn’t, these Americana photographs are a reminder that time continually passes, that things change, and that nothing is guaranteed to remain the same. That people came before us, had unknowable lives of fullness and complexity, and that they are now gone.

However, growing up in the city on the West Coast, I resigned myself to the idea I would not have a chance to try my mind in this style (unless I happened to drive through the Midwest on some vacation or road trip).

Bodie changed this. With its many abandoned buildings and exhibits, Bodie is an ideal place to make my attempt at Americana. Unfortunately, this didn’t occur to me until after my visit to the Eastern Sierra and to Bodie had ended.

Fortunately, as I began to comb through my photos on my computer, I found that I had taken some without realizing it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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