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When I bought my first DSLR (a Nikon D300S) in 2011, I knew nothing about photography, digital or otherwise (I have since upgraded to a Nikon D610). Other than a point-and-shoot camera given to me when I was younger, I was completely unaware of the art and process of photography, using it only to document field trips or camping trips.

While I continue to travel as often as possible, my attitude toward cameras has changed. Instead of visual documentation, it is now an art that can capture emotions, attitudes, and sensations. Whenever possible, I travel at least once a year, and I continue to practice my photography whenever possible. I really enjoy taking pictures while I travel, attend festivals, visit local places, like the beach, and other random things.

These two passions, photography and travel, are the focus of my blog. Being an educator, it was only natural for me to want to share these pursuits with family and friends. That desire to share grew into a desire to share with everyone; hence, the beginning of this blog.

A Few Random Facts About Me (from here):

  • The summer that I graduated high school (2000), I spent around two weeks in Ghana, West Africa. Because of that trip, I missed freshmen orientation and arrived at college only two days before classes began-with food poisoning. That whole experience irreversibly changed my view of American culture and its priorities.
  • The first book that I remember reading alone, which was in 1st grade, was J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It got me hooked on fantasy novels, which I still read to this day.
  • In the summer of 2004, with one semester left to go before graduating from college, I spent close to a month studying in Oxford, England at Wycliffe Hall. This experience changed my views on education, as those weeks were more rigorous, intense, and rewarding than whole semesters at home
  • One day, I want to make my own cheese and brew my own beer. I have the knowledge; I just need to buy the gear and take the leap.
  • I often daydream about quitting my job, packing up camera and laptop, and finding something I am more passionate about doing. I don’t know what this would be or look like, but the more often I think about it, the more of a necessity it has become. I cannot waste my life working to pay bills. I must live it, and live it well.

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