Monochrome: Bodie State Historic Park, Pt. IV

I believe that these are the last of my pictures of Bodie, having now combed through them all and chosen the ones to post.

They all come from earlier in the day, before the afternoon thunderstorm arrived.

I hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Monochrome: Bodie State Historic Park, Pt. IV

  1. Thank you! I’m glad that you liked them.

    It appears that the comment ended up on the post, not on the photo itself. So, if you don’t mind my asking, which one was the one you were referring to?

      • That makes complete sense!

        That was one of the things that was interesting about Bodie, in general. The rangers aim to keep it in “a state of arrested decay,” so it maintains that falling apart former boomtown look as much as possible.

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