Yosemite: Stoneman Meadow

For most of the second day, the park was cold. According to the thermometer reading in my car (not perfect, I know), it never got above the low 40s F in the park that morning–especially in the shade.

Stoneman Meadow is tucked toward the back of the Valley Floor, near Curry Village and the Happy Isle Parking Lot. I know that “back” is relative: since I almost always come from the El Portal entrance, that is my directional orientation.

Even in the late morning and early afternoon, Stoneman Meadow is draped in shadow and chilly in the late fall or early winter. Because of the height and proximity of the rock walls of the valley, it was like an early glimpse of winter; even though it was just frost, it looked like the scenery had been dry-brushed white, as if with snow.

I always think “Yosemite would be beautiful when it snows . . . “, but I also always think “I’m not sure I have the gear or food rations or preparations necessary to get caught in a winter snowstorm . . . ”

From what I have seen on the weather forecasts, I just narrowly missed finding out if both those statements are true this year.

Anyways, here are some early glimpses of winter in Stoneman Meadow.

I hope you enjoy!

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