Yosemite: Merced River Morning

On the second day of my trip, I had no idea where to go in Yosemite. I had spent the first day visiting and photographing several new sights (see my most recent posts), and I wasn’t sure what I was up for.

Did I want to try a good length (3-5 miles round trip) day hike?

Did I want to revisit several places I had been before?

Did I want to see something new?

While I did check the guide books and maps the previous evening, I didn’t have a clear idea of what my focus, both in sightseeing and photography, was going to be.

As I drove down the road from Mariposa to the El Portal entrance to Yosemite, I could see the morning light highlighting the autumn leaves on the trees and dancing on the river water. It reminded me of another mountain road and river that is very familiar to me: the Lower Kern on the way to Lake Isabella.

There were no convenient turn-outs, not near any of the sunlit sections of the river. That was when I decided the day’s course: I would play it by ear, and stop at many of the turn-outs that I usually ignore and see whatever I see.

The photos below were taken inside the park, right next to the Merced River, but in the twisting section before you reach the meadows below El Capitan.

I hope you enjoy!

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