Eastern Yosemite: Tuolomne Meadows

After hiking up to the Gaylor Lakes Crest and photographing the magnificent views from so high, we headed farther into Yosemite.

And then stopped almost immediately after we got back into the car. Right past the trailhead parking for Gaylor Lakes is a scenic turn-off for Dana Meadows. It had a lovely view of Mt. Dana and the lakes below, as well as the grassy meadows.

This is where we learned that Eastern Yosemite is, in fact, an alpine zone, thanks to one of the fascinating National Park Service informational displays.

After admiring the view, we headed deeper into the park, and we decided to try and find parking near Tuolomne Meadows. After a few minutes of navigating tightly packed roads, we found parking at the Toulomne Stables Parking, and head off to Soda Springs as a first stop in our destination.

I know I have said it before, but I cannot say it enough: the open vistas, the high mountains, and the sheer beauty of the area left me frequently stopping to take it all in, breathing in Nature. It has had a lasting impact on me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. There will be more to come, as I find time around work to edit them.

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