Eastern Yosemite: Tuolomne Meadows, Pt. III

Here are some more pictures of the river that flows through the meadows, and I tried portraying the sense of calm and peace that I had that day.

There were children inner-tubing in the river, while families sat on the rocky bank, there were fishermen, and there were crowds of people with cell phones. They all readily ignored the “Restoration in Progress–Please stay on the trail” signs; there were so many reminders of the people who see Nature as something to be consumed not conserved, to be discarded when done and not defended.

People who assume it will always be there.

Again, it draws me back to the purpose John Muir wanted to preserve the Meadows: to protect it from the destructive grazing of sheep.

I grew up leaving no trace. You pack it in, and you pack it out. That day in Yosemite, I even had plastic bags, a trowel, and a roll of toilet paper in my pack, unsure of where any restrooms may be or where the need may strike.

So, the consumption of Nature is an idea that is foreign to me, something that I will never completely understand.

And yet . . . and yet; even they couldn’t break Yosemite’s hold on me or chase away the perpetual feeling of awe that enveloped me.

Logically, I know that there were people hiking trails, school groups visiting, families running and playing, and so much more. But, to me, it was Nature, the wide open sky, and a rejuvenation my Soul.

No distractions.

I hope you enjoy.

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