A Hectic June: Trip 1, Day 1

In the past three weeks or so since my last day of work (the 6th of June), I have been home for a total of eight full days, today (the 29th) included. It has been an unforgettable June, but also a rather hectic one. As much fun as I had on both of my trips, I am glad to slow down and enjoy the slower pace of summer. Additionally, I have been looking forward to having a chance to blog about everywhere I have been.

My first trip was from the 10th-19th of June. I went to Washington State and stayed with a friend from college and her family, then I spent a few days down in Vancouver, WA (right across the river from Portland, OR) before heading back to northern WA the day before I flew back home.

My flight out on the 10th took most of the day. I arrived at the airport around 2 in the afternoon, with a few hours before my 5 p.m. flight. By the time I had checked my bags and gotten through security, the time went by quickly, especially since I decided to eat lunch and have a drink at a restaurant while I waited.

I had a stopover in SF where I decided to have another drink at a wine and beer bar in the airport while I waited for my connecting flight. I was flying United and on both connecting flights-one on the way to WA state and one on the way back-were delayed. Neither was delayed more than 20-30 minutes and both times United called my phone with an automated message to inform me of the delays. I arrived where I was going close to the time that I was supposed to, and so it did not bother me at all. All in all, it was some of the least frustrating air travel in my experience.

After arriving in Seattle, my friend drove me out of the city toward where her family and she live. The Seattle skyline at night, lit up by the lights from all of the buildings was beautiful, in an artificial, dystopic way that reminded me of my favorite science fiction writers like William Gibson. On the way, we stopped at Dick’s Drive-In for a late-night milk shake, and it was one of the best milkshakes that I have ever had. Suffice it to say, after traveling for most of the day, I was exhausted and slept very well that night.

In true traveler fashion, I woke early the next day ready for a day filled with events and new places and experiences, many of which I now want to revisit. I will write more about my travels soon.

What are your favorite places to travel to, which you could keep revisiting?

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