Rainbow Falls Hike

The last time that I was in Mammoth during the summer, I hiked the Devils Postpile National Monument, but I couldn’t make it to Rainbow Falls because of an oncoming afternoon thunderstorm that I wasn’t prepared for..

This year, however, I did make it the whole way. I got out at Stop 6 (the Ranger’s Station), hiked past the Postpile, through the 1992 Rainbow Fire burn area to Rainbow Falls, and back up to Reds Meadow.

All in all, it was about a 4 mile hike, on a beautiful day. Because of the large amount of snow this past winter and the late thaw, parts of the hike looked more like meadows than I remember, especially around the burn area.

As I neared the Falls themselves, I was delighted to hear the roaring water and see more than one band of color in the spray.

Like the Aurora Borealis, I assumed that the rainbow was infrequent and unpredictable; I am glad that I was able to see the Falls’ namesake bright colors.

I will always be amazed at the beauty and splendor of the Eastern Sierra area and of the high mountains.

I hope you enjoy.

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