Below Bridalveil Falls

Blurred water racing over the rocks on the way to the Bridalveil Falls Vista.

I took this picture on the short hike from the meadows of Yosemite Valley (below El Capitan) to Bridalveil Falls. There were a few small stone bridges that crossed over the water coming from the falls a little ways higher up.

I am still learning the topography and names of the Yosemite Valley, there are a lot of them, but this might be Bridalveil Creek. I know that maps tend to be static, while current weather conditions can change the moment-to-moment scenery in the Yosemite Valley. Anyways, it was a short and pleasant wake to and from the falls, and a pleasant way to start the day in Yosemite.

I hope you enjoy the photo!

There will be many more to come as I process the hundreds (742 to be exact) photos that I took this year.

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