Inktober Day 4: Underwater (Thoughts)

Here is the submission:

I will admit: water intimidates the heck out of me. A lot. There is a lot of fluid lighting and shadow, in ways that aren’t clear or solid. 

All day, I’ve had no idea how to deal with this prompt. I tried drawing someone cave diving, but I am not too satisfied with how some of it came out. 


  1. I may need to move into other styles of ink (like dip pens) for some of the more gradient shadows and tints that I can see in my head, but that are hard to communicate with just multiliners and a brush pen. 
  2. Still excited, but also aware of how much I still don’t know.
  3. This is still a learning experience. I will not stop. 

Hope you enjoy all the submissions that people are posting for Inktober! 

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