Inktober Day 2: Divided (Reflection and Thoughts)

Here is today’s submission, for those that may have missed it: 

Things I have learned:

  1. Hair is a pain to draw! Haha. Illustrating both shape and individual strands is hard. 
  2. For some reason, even though there is a lot of white space, I really like the right side of the top–the wavy lines of the brush pen seem to go with the skinny lines of the multiliners, and the visual depth (i.e., the person is obviously in front of water that stretches into background) is good (to me, at least). 
  3. I may be overthinking the prompts. It may be the English major in me, but I keep going symbolic, and then find that my limited palette of techniques struggles with my idea. 

On the whole, I am still having a lot of fun, I am learning a lot every day, and I am enjoying the challenges. Additionally, because of the daily drawing, I feel like I am starting to get faster, spending less time nervously staring at an empty page before sketching or inking. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of day 2! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s prompt!

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