Thanksgiving Break: Mammoth

The high Sierras in winter, even as early as the weekend before Thanksgiving, provide a variety of landscapes and views that are impossible to find in Southern California.

The crisp and cool mountain air, the bright sun, the wind in the tall grasses and trees, and the snow in the mountains . . . it reminded me of the many childhood Thanksgivings that I spent in the mountains around Lake Isabella, CA. As a boy, I often spent the time playing in piles of leaves in the front yard of my great-grandparents’ home or hunting and fishing (as I got older). Now, I spent much of the time in Mammoth amazed at the serene majesty and beauty of it all.

I’ve seen Mammoth in the summer a couple of times in recent years. However, nothing even comes close to Mammoth in winter.

Edit: I’m adding the link to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I wrote the post before checking their site, only to realize that I had already posted photos that fit the challenge.

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Break: Mammoth

    • Thank you! It was breathtaking to be up in the mountains in all that beautiful snow and ice.

      I wanted to see the Hot Creek area for the first time in around 15-20 years, and I was really lucky to find such a variety of landscapes in one view.

      I *had* to take a picture!

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