An Approaching Investment

For years, summers have been mixed blessings.

Sure, I do have a lot more free time to enjoy life, since I don’t have to teach for two months. However, money was also stretched thin. It was usual for my first few years of teaching to spend August and September (and sometimes October) catching back up on bills that I had postponed over the unpaid break.

So, I find myself in a unique position this year. Not only did I go on a two week road trip (pictures of which I posted here on this blog), but I also did so well under budget.

Additionally, I have an extensive collection of Magic the Gathering cards. I began selling some of the older and rarer cards on a lark, expecting to make some spending cash, but no more. Well, it turned out to be more profitable than I expected.

So, with this unexpected money (plus whatever I can get for my current camera), I should be buying a Nikon D610 within the next couple of weeks. I’m excited about the jump from DX to FX formats, plus the added resolution, and some of my current lenses should work great with this new camera.

I will definitely be posting pictures when I get it and try it out.

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