July Road Trip: Arriving at Mammoth

Yesterday, my girlfriend, parents and I left Orange County (in Southern California) and began the hours long trip to Mammoth. The traffic was almost non-existent as we caravaned through the miles of desert. In my car, we listened to Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me and Prairie Home Companion podcasts, talked, and she read a short story to me.

This is and will be a special trip for me. Y’see, aside from camping with my parents last summer at Rock Creek Lake in Mammoth, I haven’t been up here for twenty years since the last time I went to church family camp as a kid. Now, I can describe what I remember to my girlfriend, tell stories about being a few feet away from bears, stories about fishing injuries, unexpected majesties when hiking, and many other tales and adventures.

After arriving and checking into the condo and unpacking the cars, we drove a few miles up the mountain to enjoy the late afternoon sun and water around Twin Lakes, Twin Falls Overlook, Lake Mary, Lake Mamie, and Horseshoe Lake, the last of which resembles an ashen wasteland from the carbon dioxide (leaking from the soil in the area) that has been killing the plants and trees in the area.

The gallery includes pictures from those lakes and areas. Enjoy!

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