My Family’s Traditional Easter Food

Cheese Bread and Salami

I’ve been exhausted from the weeks of standardized testing that I have to proctor at work, which we aren’t even done with yet. My mom dropped off a loaf of our family’s traditional cheese bread, which is made from imported Locatelli cheese. You know, the kind of traditional recipe that is closely guarded: my mom didn’t even receive the recipe from her mom until my sister and I were in high school.

It is a drier cheese bread usually, although this year’s batch is nice and moist. Due to the dryness, it goess really well with fatty, semi-greasy cured meats like proscuitto or salami, both of which are featured in the picture. Wash it all down with a crisp hard cider (I’ve really been enjoying the Crispin brand, which you can get at some groceries stores or at Bevmo!) or beer, and you have the perfect light lunch or dinner.

Additionally, this is a recipe that my Granny (mom’s mom) got from my great-grandmother (her mother-in-law), and has been spread out to aunts and cousins throughout the years. For me at least, it was definitely an acquired taste-I didn’t like the dryness growing up-and it has grown on me, for which I am happy: I like being a part of this family tradition. Savoring the bread and meat, so simple and so delicious a meal, links me to the other generations (present and past) in my family, and roots me in who I am and who we are.

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