Snow Hike

San Gorgonio Snow Hike

This is in the San Gorgonio Wilderness (2011?), on the South Fork Trail heading toward Slushy Meadows, but before Poop-out Hill (actual name). My family and I had hiked this particular trail plenty of times in the summer and fall, but this was our first go in the midst of winter. It was an exhausting, yet lovely hike.

2 thoughts on “Snow Hike

  1. How did the winter view compare to the summer view?

    I feel like snow adds a layer of magic to the world. The white creates a brilliant contrast against the steel blue sky – when the weather allows – and it’s so much more tiring to hike through, forcing you to really earn the views, and hopefully to appreciate them all the more.

    • The winter view was . . . different. The summer views are often crisp and clear, and there is something wonderful that it can start as a misty morning, then burn off into a clear warm day.

      However, like you said, the layer of snow everywhere changes that view. Having some many colors poke through the snow drifts is magical. Additionally, you do have to work harder and be more careful, especially with footing, to see the same views. I hadn’t realized how hard I had worked, with so many muscles in my body, until I woke up the next morning stiff and sore in places. But, it was worth it.

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