Law’s Coffee Shop

Law's Coffee ShopI spent many a fall day with family up at Oak Glen and even when we don’t go together, I still try and get up there at least once a year.

The coffee shop, which is open later than the rest of the shops (the shops close at dusk), is my favorite way to end a day in scenic Oak Glen. Between the apple orchards, fresh pressed cider, 5 lb. apple pies, shops, and live music, I am often exhausted by the end of the day.

That is what makes dinner at Law’s so wonderful before heading back down the mountains. You can watch the sun set, the stars brighten in the sky above, the city lights brighten in the valley below and feel the air turn brisk and cold; all this, while sitting inside enjoying a meal.

However, the best part is the slice of pie a la mode and the cup of black coffee to finish it off.

2 thoughts on “Law’s Coffee Shop

  1. I was so excited to see your article! Kat and I visited Oak Glen just recently (dinner at Apple Annie’s), and I went back by myself the following day to further explore that gorgeous place. I ended the day with a cup of split pea soup at Law’s! ~SueBee

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