Green Valley Lake

While I don’t do it often, sometimes it is more practical for me to take pictures with my phone than with my Nikon D300. Whenever I go fishing, it is quite likely that I will have fish guts, worm slime, and smears of Powerbait on my hands. In those circumstances, I don’t necessarily want to pick up my expensive DSLR. However, a much cheaper phone that lives in my pocket? That can get scuffed up and dirty, haha.

Anyways, this picture comes from my fishing trip with my dad today. I may post some of the other photos as well

Green Valley Lake

2 thoughts on “Green Valley Lake

    • To be honest, my old phone’s camera was worse. I recently upgraded to a newer phone after cracking the old one’s screen. Still, I prefer the DSLR in most situations, especially as I learn to use it better, but a back-up for messier situations is nice to have.

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