A Terrible Noise: Hail at Night

In the middle of the night, or perhaps the morning is more accurate, my roommates and I heard some lightning, close enough to notice the flash and sound inside. We opened the windows and heard a rushing sound, like a roaring wind rapidly approaching our apartment. Soon, we found out what it was.

It was: hail. Hail, the size of marbles suddenly started falling out of the sky. Like Southern Night HailCalifornia locals who had never felt hail before, we had to go outside and see how it felt (It hurt quite a bit, by the way, like getting shot with paintballs on bare skin). In a few minutes, it almost looked like it had snowed outside, like in the picture to the right. Of course, after putting on heavier jackets, we had to play in the hail. We ran down the sidewalk and slid along on the hail, which acted like a thin layer of ice over the cement. Someone coming home that had just driven through the gate of the complex had to drive at a snail’s pace for fear of sliding.

Hail Like SnowSoon after, the hail subsided into pouring rain and lightning. In only a few minutes after that, the hail had all melted. However, as can be seen from the picture on the right, the hail-covered ground has its own appeal, as far as beauty is concerned. It makes the sidewalks and grass appear wintry without having to cover everything in white snow; it is like mixing winter and spring together, as can be seen to the left. It is easier to see now, after reading of it so often in books, how hail could destroy fragile crops and potentially ruin a harvest. As damaging as hail can be to personally property, it was really cool to experience.

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