Another One?! Why I Started A New Blog

People may ask. “Why do you need another blog? Isn’t one enough?” And the answer is: well, no. It is not enough. Sure, I have one blog to which I devote all my food related thoughts, along with the work of my collaborators. However, I think about a lot more than just food, and I want a place to collect all my other thoughts.

You see, I have noticed a pattern emerging lately as I have talked to my peers. Many of us have noticed an increased interest in writing for a variety of reasons. True, many of us are English majors and some of us are pursuing advanced degrees, but what we have noticed is out passion to find our voice, to find what we like writing about, and to pursue it. I will not speak for my friends, but while it is possible that I could pursue the traditional route, via an agent and publisher, I want more freedom to express things on the go, as I think of them, and in the style and format of my own choosing, without the constraints that a traditional publishing house would impose. I have a lot that I am passionate writing about, and I want to share that presently, in the moment, often as I think it or experience it, instead of being so removed from it. I do not know what reactions, if any, my writing may cause; I just know that I want to write, and have been inspired to do so by my friends.

All of that being said, it will be around a variety of topics. I have separated my blog into two main categories: Wanderlust and Contemplation (Surprise! It’s the title!). The first will be any writing that I do about travels, and will contain photos that I have taken, wish to share, and/or comment on. The second contains the rest of the blog, which will include my current reading, recommendations that I may have, and any other musings I want to share. The musings will run the gamut of topics, from art to culture to religion to politics and to anything else that catches my fancy.

That explanation out of the way, it is time to get blogging!

A further thought: this is definitely a work in progress right now. Some of the categories are still under construction, so please bear with me.

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